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Private film studios exporting more Vietnamese films1 min read

6 May 2011 < 1 min read


Private film studios exporting more Vietnamese films1 min read

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Earlier state-owned film studios exported Vietnamese films in the late 1990s but they were only TV serials and movies.

In the late 1990s, the Television Film Studio (TFS) of the Ho Chi Minh City Television, a state-owned television station, began to export some TV films, with Nguoi dep Tay Do (Beautiful girl of Tay Do) being the first TV serial sold to Thai Television.

TFS director Nguyen Viet Hung said at present, TFS sold all its films abroad, after broadcasting on HTV channel. These were not just TV serials and short films but also documentary, narrative and reportage films.

Mr. Hung said that an agent in the United States of America represents TFS for the last three years, to sell copyrights of its films and programs to produce DVDs for the Vietnamese community in the US.

Some TFS serials were aired on KXLA 44 and the VBS channel in the US while some documentary films were shown on the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TV Thai PBS) channel.

Director Hung said Vietnamese films are not bad, compared to other Asian and Southeast Asian films, but not many films sold abroad because there is no real trade market for Vietnamese films. All film transactions are conducted through individual tie-ups.


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