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Defining ScreenSingapore1 min read

27 April 2011 < 1 min read


Defining ScreenSingapore1 min read

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WHAT exactly is the inaugural ScreenSingapore you’ve read about that kicks off on June 5?

We know it’s an eight-day international film event that will serve as “a platform for Asia-Pacific films and creative talent to be marketed to the world”; that it’s a multi-agency effort hosted by the Media Development Authority Of Singapore (MDA) with support from the Singapore Tourism Board and the Economic Development Board.

That’s all in the brochure.

But ask any film fan you know and, we’re guessing, they won’t be able to tell you much more.

So, what is ScreenSingapore? What’s there for Joe Movie Buff? What’s in it for the local film-maker beyond the Asian Short Film Awards, open to all citizens and permanent residents of Asian countries, where the winner – decided by a jury which includes Singapore auteur Eric Khoo and headed by three-time Oscar-winner Oliver Stone – will take home a S$20,000-cash-prize?

Is there a chance for the local film community to show their works to the Hollywood bigwigs coming to town? Or is it not about the Singapore film-maker altogether?

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