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Director Andrew Lau turns to romance1 min read

12 April 2011 < 1 min read


Director Andrew Lau turns to romance1 min read

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He is best known in Chinese cinema and in the West for his sleekly shot gangster thrillers like the “Young and Dangerous” series and “Infernal Affairs” trilogy.

But veteran Hong Kong director Andrew Lau says he has left his comfort zone with a brooding romance about the relationship between a Hong Kong woman and an ailing mainland Chinese police officer.

“A Beautiful Life,” which will be released in China next month, represents a clear break from his fast-paced, visually dynamic work of the past, Lau told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Since the huge success of the “Infernal Affairs” series – the first installment was re-made by Martin Scorsese as the 2006 thriller “The Departed,” which earned the American filmmaker his first best director Oscar – Lau has largely stuck to the genre he made his name in.

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