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Cloud over 3-D erotic film’s fate1 min read

29 March 2011 < 1 min read


Cloud over 3-D erotic film’s fate1 min read

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SINGAPOREANS thinking that the eye-popping 3-D remake of the 1991 Hong Kong erotic classic Sex And Zen will be screened here might want to keep their expectations in check.

Despite news reports last week that the 2011 film 3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy has a release date and had some explicit scenes edited out by the film-makers themselves to make the cut for markets such as Singapore, the movie is still in the process of undergoing classification by the Media Development Authority (MDA), my paper understands from movie insiders.

Last week, American entertainment news site The Hollywood Reporter said that the makers of the film snipped more than 18 minutes from the movie to present a “tamer” 110-minute version for Singapore audiences aged 21 and above, what is known here as an R21 rating. Britain’s The Independent also reported a Singapore opening date of April 28.

Industry insiders said the reports gave people the impression that the film will be screened here. But even with a release date, it does not necessarily mean the film has been cleared by the censors, one observer said.

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