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Crime beat in Singapore1 min read

28 March 2011 < 1 min read


Crime beat in Singapore1 min read

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T he story opens on a Monday at the Changi Prison in Singapore. A woman, the mother of two young boys, one of whom is mentally challenged, is to be hanged.

By the weekend, she is executed. The inconsolable husband vanishes, leaving the boys at the mercy of their uncle, who takes them under his wing.

If you expect the performances to be contrived, you are off the mark. Almost all the actors lend credibility to the parts they play. Vishnu (hero Prakash), Mathialagan (Anbarasan, officer of the Narcotics Bureau), Sivakumar (the boys’ uncle and drug peddler Vinod), and the young Prakash (Kishen Durairajoo) come up with spontaneous portrayals. Among them Sivakumar warrants special mention.

If it’s Singapore it’s high-rises and sparkling roads, and if it’s Malaysia, it’s the Petronas Towers and the quaint lingo, we think. But organised crime is as much a reality in these countries, as this “¦ Kurukshetram shows.

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