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Singapore’s Gurushetram Opens to Positive Reviews1 min read

27 March 2011 < 1 min read


Singapore’s Gurushetram Opens to Positive Reviews1 min read

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Singayil Gurushetram will always remain a landmark in Kollywood as it is the first Tamil movie to be produced in Singapore.

The Tamil Diaspora in Singapore have always celebrated and contributed towards the success of Kollywood movies. Singayil Gurushetram was so popular among the Tamils in Singapore that the country’s President S. R. Nathan attended its premiere.

Singapore is one of the most narcotics intolerant countries in the world, which enforces the capital punishment for drug trafficking. Though anti-death penalty organisations have criticised the law, the state of Singapore and Singaporeans alike assert that this has helped to keep the country drug- and crime-free.

Singayil Gurushetram shows the life of a Tamil family in Singapore and how their life turns upside down when they are caught smuggling drugs. The movie opens with young Prakash and his disabled brother Subra waiting outside a prison to see their mother, who is in death row for drug trafficking.

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