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‘Factory Girls’ to Get Feature Treatment1 min read

22 March 2011 < 1 min read


‘Factory Girls’ to Get Feature Treatment1 min read

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A dramatic feature film version of Factory Girls, a non-fiction book about the plight and resilience of China’s female migrant laborers by former Wall Street Journal reporter Leslie T. Chang, is in the works by Yuen Yanting, a Sundance Film Festival nominee.

Yuen, a Hong Kong-born Dutch writer and director, told The Hollywood Reporter she has optioned the film rights to Chang’s book from literary agency Sterling Lord in New York and soon will begin writing a script.

Yuen’s 2005 musical documentary about communist model operas during the Cultural Revolution was nominated for the 2005 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and won the Prix du Meilleur Essai at the Montreal International Festival of Films on Art in 2007.

Chang’s book, published in multiple languages to critical acclaim, interweaves her family story with that of Chinese women less fortunate than herself.

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