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Anime/Documentary Profiles Japanese Content Business1 min read

22 March 2011 < 1 min read


Anime/Documentary Profiles Japanese Content Business1 min read

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The Japanese satellite channel BS Fuji will run a special about the Japanese media content business on March 26, and voice actress Aki Toyosaki, animator Tatsuyuki Tanaka, and artist Dai-Oki are involved in sequences of the special that are animated.

The 90-minute Content Business Saizensen Japa-Con TV (Content Business Frontline: Japanese Content TV) special will cover anime, fashion, games, anime music, and other forms of Japanese popular culture and entertainment that are being exported overseas.

The special will combine both live-action documentary sequences with animated sequences.

In particular, the special will profile the internationally popular toy and anime franchise Bakugan, girls’ fashion trends that have led to a jump in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Tokyo’s Shibuya 109 department store, the dating simulator Loveplus which aims “to invade the real world,” the popular voice actress unit LISP, the current and future trends of social network services, and the Animelo Summer Live concerts which are expanding overseas this year.

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