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SRK’s three essentials to make Hindi films global

19 March 2011


SRK’s three essentials to make Hindi films global

Bollywood lacks three very essential skills – screenplay writing, technology and discipline – says superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has been in the industry for almost two decades.

‘Hindi films lack in three very important aspects of filmmaking. The first amongst them is screenplay writing.

We need to understand the format and adhere to screenplay writing technique like them (Hollywood). The sooner Indian filmmakers realise that screenplay writing is not an art form but a science, the faster our films will globalise,’ Shah Rukh said Friday at the India Today Conclave.

‘Secondly, I feel so odd that on one hand we have the biggest software developing industries of the world, but somehow we are lacking behind in it’s usage in India. We have the means to buy the machines, but we don’t have mechanics to stand by them. That is a big investment we are looking for from Hollywood.’

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