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Takahashi Gen1 min read

15 March 2011 < 1 min read


Takahashi Gen1 min read

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Since his debut in 1992, Heartless, Takahashi Gen has become a pivotal figure within the independent Asian film scene.

Living between Hong Kong and Tokyo, he established his own production company, Gran Café Pictures in 2004 where he writes, directs and produces his own films.

Like his contemporary Takashi Miike, Gen is a free spirit, however, he keeps his feet on the ground. The result is that he brings genre films one step forward by introducing his personal experiences. The result is a portrait of Japanese society and its slums, the leftovers that people ignore and don’t want to look straight in the eyes.

Gen was at the ICA with his film Confessions of a Dog recently and spoke to LWLies about the origins of this project, his personal social interests and the uncertain future of the Japanese cinema.

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