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Fandor Launches As ‘Netflix for Indie Films’1 min read

10 March 2011 < 1 min read


Fandor Launches As ‘Netflix for Indie Films’1 min read

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Fandor, a Web site that pitches itself as a sort of Netflix for independent films, launched Wednesday with an eye toward attracting the more nuanced film fan.

Although the site will charge $10 per month for its library of 2,000 to 2,500 films, Fandor users can watch the first film on the site for free, provided they log in with their Facebook account.

That, in part, is due to ex-Facebooker Chris Kelly, who sits on the Fandor’s board.

Although networks like the Sundance Channel and others cater to indie film viewers, Montgomery Kosma, the chief operating officer of Fandor, say their films are curated for a reason, with each existing on the site for a reason. Dogtooth, a Greek film that was nominated for an Academy Award, is there, as is The Hitch-Hiker, one of the first movies about hostage-taking by filmmaker Ida Lupino.

“For us, curation and discovery is part of the search for movies,” Kosma said. “[The selection] is not backed by mass-market Hollywood marketing machine. Instead, we look for and listen to critical acclaim.”

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