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My Jakarta: Syamsul, Filmmaker1 min read

9 March 2011 < 1 min read


My Jakarta: Syamsul, Filmmaker1 min read

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Struggling is simply in the job description – struggling to raise the money to produce a good movie, struggling to get the right shot, struggling to stay true to the story.

Dreams of making it big as a filmmaker brought Syamsul to Jakarta all the way from Papua.

He now works primarily as  the director of photography on films and was involved in  Andi Bachtiar’s modern Indonesian classics  “˜The Conductors’ and “˜Romeo and Juliet.’

How did you get involved in making documentary films?

I’ve always wanted to be behind the camera, that’s why I enrolled at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts [IKJ]. I gained some experience as a cameraman for TV soap operas before I finally decided to become a director of photography for documentaries. DOP is a tough job. It’s a much bigger responsibility than just being a cameraman.

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