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The (Not So) Negative Effect2 min read

15 February 2011 2 min read


The (Not So) Negative Effect2 min read

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Point. Snap. Wind. Rinse and repeat.

Forget about digital cameras”¦ Or at least to this certain group of 40 Malaysian lomography enthusiasts. Directed by Dick Chua, this light-hearted documentary features them travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Penang Island, to organize “Gia Gia Kua Kua*”, a lomography camera exhibition at the Simon Tan Art Gallery.

Each armed with a different kind of lomo camera; they travel around Penang Island by feet, snapping pictures of the nostalgic Penang in all smiles, despite the merciless heat from the sun. An eye for unlimited creativity, they snap from anything to everything. From street hawker stalls, to a random ice-cream cart, walls, birds, to even self-portraits – Proves that this close-knitted group is definitely not a camera-shy bunch!

This documentary depicts the epitome of friendship, hobby, passion, and endless creativity. They speak about their love for lomography, and how they got hooked. It is the simple joy of inserting the slide films, the winding and snapping, sending the rolls for developing, and the anticipation of receiving.

You can see the excitement in their eyes while viewing their end product, happy with the unexpected yet beautiful pictures from the randomness. On the down side, there are failures such as over/under-exposed pictures. Many also described their first experience unsuccessful, with initial rolls of film gone to waste. It is all about trial and error.

The exhibition that they had put together celebrates their proud work and even friendship, with song and laughter. As quoted by one of their members, “You don’t need language to make friends.” It wasn’t just an exhibition to showcase and educate but to also gather with one another, being from different parts of Malaysia.

Birds of the same feather indeed, flock together- Regardless of race or distance.

* Hokkien for “walk and see”

The Negative Effect is currently screening in Sinema Old School >>

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