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Chinese New Year Welcomes Slew of Comedy Releases

12 February 2011


Chinese New Year Welcomes Slew of Comedy Releases

Comedy rises again in the year of the rabbit, as local-language Chinese New Year films return to their former prominence.

Lighthearted fare always thrives during the beginning of the lunar calendar, and comedy is poised to continue as filmmakers take advantage of the lucrative Chinese market’s new-found love of laughs.

“Comedy is now the mainstay of the Chinese-language film industry,” says producer, comedy writer and actor Raymond Wong, who was behind many in the genre since the 1980s, including some of the highest grossing Chinese New Year comedies.

“Hong Kong comedy filmmakers are more adept as to what appeals to the mainland audience. We’ve tested the grounds with films specifically catered to the Chinese New Year period, and the season has become more established as a movie-going season in China.”

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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