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S. Korea to make film of Somali piracy raid

9 February 2011


S. Korea to make film of Somali piracy raid

The South Korean navy’s dramatic raid on Somali pirates who hijacked a ship will be made into an action film, a Seoul movie producer said Tuesday.

Navy commandos rescued the Samho Jewelry, an 11,500-ton freighter hijacked in the Arabian Sea, and its 21 crew — including eight South Koreans — in a dramatic pre-dawn raid.

The upcoming movie will resemble “Saving Private Ryan”, a Hollywood epic about a group of World War II US soldiers going behind enemy lines to rescue a paratrooper, said a spokesman for production house Christmas Entertainment.

“This is such dramatic, perfect material for a movie,” said the spokesman, adding production will cost about 20 billion won ($18 million).

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via AFP

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