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‘Tweeting’ a documentary1 min read

7 February 2011 < 1 min read


‘Tweeting’ a documentary1 min read

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It began as a road trip through the US, based solely on leads and information from Twitter’ers – people who give short updates about themselves online.

For Singaporean film maker Tan Siok Siok, it was a new social phenomenon to be explored.

“I love Twitter, I have experienced a lot of its magic, so to speak. But I find that it is very difficult to convey it to someone who doesn’t use Twitter. And people always get tied up in knots trying to explain it. So I think a film that can somehow capture the zeitgeist of Twitter, capture the spirit, I feel will be a very difficult film to make.”

“Twittamentary”, a documentary about Twitter, is made from real-time responds to Siok Siok’s tweets as she travelled from New York to Los Angeles.

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