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HollYou Filmmakers Launch the Social Media Video Revolution2 min read

6 February 2011 2 min read


HollYou Filmmakers Launch the Social Media Video Revolution2 min read

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Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) February 5, 2011

HollYou, the cutting edge leaders in film and web entertainiment, has launched a cinematic breakthrough allowing for the first time in movie history for the viewer to be a participant in an on-going professional movie.

Roll Camera, HollYou’s first participatory online movie is a suspense thriller that invites the viewer to act, direct, or shoot a scene.

The five finalist video scenes selected are presented to the online social video community to pick the scene of the week. Employing clever editing techniques the winning scene is inserted into Roll Camera’s weekly episode. With its twists and turns, sleek cinematic look, and participatory technology Roll Camera is a great vehicle for video enthusiasts, enabling the viewer to be creative, expressive and contribute cinematically, all while having great fun.

The brainchild of writer/director Avi Schwartz, HollYou is a collaboration of highly talented, experienced filmmakers and an innovative web team. “Since the days of Chaplin, Keaton and Welles audience members have dreamed to participate in a movie. HollYou facilitates that dream,” says Schwartz.

Encouraging viewers to participate HollYou is where Hollywood meets You Tube and America’s Got Talent. “So many people have dreams to be filmmakers, actors, actresses, writers, and film composers. There is so much talent out there but getting a break is so difficult. HollYou is that break,” Schwartz passionately states.

Expanding the frontier of social media, HollYou is connecting people, regions and countries through video and the expressiveness of cinema. Embarking on the uncharted territory of social interconnectedness HollYou presents a new horizon for all genres, e.g., suspense, drama, comedy sci-fi, reality shows and even social issues.

Roll Camera, HollYou’s first participatory movie is not only a suspense thriller but a social drama as it explores the issue of race and power of the internet and its capability to inform and manipulate. “HollYou has the power to touch upon social issues never before possible as it lends the viewer to voice his/her comments as the on-going movie evolves in story and characters,” states, Kenneth Correa, HollYou’s web marketing strategist.

Through the fusion of viewer participation, creativity, innovation, video and social connectedness HollYou is the new cinema of the 21st century. To participate in HollYou, visit and

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