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Production Talk – “It’s a Great Great World” by Kelvin Tong

2 February 2011


Production Talk – “It’s a Great Great World” by Kelvin Tong

With Chinese New Year round the corner, there’ll be a string of movies all waiting to be released in lieu with the prosperous spirit and the time for family together-ness.

However, unlike the rest of movies, the renowned night spot, The Great World Amusement Park, was revived and brought to the screen by Kelvin Tong.

SINdie: What are some of the highlights of the film (in the final product) to you personally?

Kelvin: The film buff in me delighted in the reconstruction of Great World’s iconic Sky Theatre, the romantic in me reveled in the Brylcreem-meets-hairband 60s courtship between Joanne Peh and Zhang Zhen Huan, the lounge lizard in me dug the saxophone vibes of teh Flamingo Niteclub, and the glutton in me identified with the nattering chefs in the kitchen of the Wing Choon Yuen Restaurant.

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