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Japanese box office climbs 7% in 20101 min read

28 January 2011 < 1 min read


Japanese box office climbs 7% in 20101 min read

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Japan’s box office total climbed by 7% in 2010 propelled by the impact of 3-D films and despite a reduction in the number of films released in theatres.

Ticket sales increased by 3% from 169 million to 174 million and helped to underpin the increase in gross revenues. Those rose from ¥206 trillion ($2.51 billion) to ¥221 trillion ($2.69 billion).

According to data from the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan (Eiren) Revenues for Japanese-made films grew by just 1% to ¥118 trillion ($1.44 billion), while those for imported films climbed sharply from ¥88.7 billion ($1.08 billion) to ¥103 trillion ($1.25 billion).

The contribution of Avatar and other 3-D films was not only to push up the score achieved by imported titles, but also to increase the mean price of tickets by 4% to1,266 ($14.9) — at a time when the overall Japanese economy continues to suffer from deflation.

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