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Morgan Spurlock dives into gluttonous marketing1 min read

26 January 2011 < 1 min read


Morgan Spurlock dives into gluttonous marketing1 min read

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After the premiere of The Greatest Movie Ever Sold at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend, corporate sponsors featured in the film trooped up on stage to join director Morgan Spurlock.

The documentary by Spurlock, best known for 2004’s Super Size Me, is an exploration of product placement. And it’s financed entirely by product placement.

Jumping off a point made by academic experts who say advertisers try to make consumers feel they can’t be happy without a certain product, Spurlock announced: “I’m 40 percent happier.”

And he has something else to be happy about. The film was purchased for distribution by Sony Pictures Classics, the first acquisition of the 10-day Sundance festival. It’s scheduled to open in theaters in April.

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via Democrat and Chronicle

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