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Filmmakers Debut Enhanced Online World For Their Independent Film

13 January 2011


Filmmakers Debut Enhanced Online World For Their Independent Film

There were 3,661 feature film submissions to the Sundance Film Festival in 2009, the year that filmmakers Jentri Chancey and Lorie Marsh began working on their independent film, “Lost in Sunshine.”

“Lost in Sunshine” will be a comedy-drama about a repressed intuitive who wants to run away from her future as a small-town wife and a recovering gambler who wishes he could undo his past by writing a best-selling Self-Help book.

Acknowledging the fierce odds in the independent film sphere, Chancey and Marsh decided to embrace a transmedia approach for “Lost in Sunshine” and first expand the film’s story and themes via digital storytelling. They launched in February 2010, and Version 2 of the site debuts January 31, 2011.

“I was inspired by the website for Franny Armstrong’s “The Age of Stupid,” as well as Ze Frank’s “The Show.” says producer, Lorie Marsh. “Here were two projects that reached out to their audiences to engage them in a back and forth. We decided to create an an online community like those for our comedy-drama before we shot the movie, so we can engage the audience and take the ride together.” Marsh adds, “What manifested is that our site is the online “˜prequel’ to the movie!”

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