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CLIF begins filming1 min read

10 January 2011 < 1 min read


CLIF begins filming1 min read

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Law enforcers are hot this year on local TV it seems. On MediaCorp Channel 5, there’s Point Of Entry, on Vasantham there’s Vettai. And just last Wednesday, a lensing ceremony was held to mark the commencement of filming for the MediaCorp TV Channel 8 drama, C.L.I.F.

The show aims to be the most realistic police-themed drama ever produced, with storylines based on real cases.

The production enjoys extensive support from the Singapore Police Force (SPF). By the way, the anagram stands for Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Fairness, which are the core values of the Singapore Police.

“The emphasis is on authenticity, especially with regards to standard operational procedures. I think the realism lies in the fact that it will be accurate, without drama for the sake of drama, and it will be educational,” said lead actor Tay Ping Hui, who plays an Assistant Superintendent.

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