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How Blu-ray Could Speed Up 3D TV Adoption

4 January 2011


How Blu-ray Could Speed Up 3D TV Adoption

Remember the videotape format war between VHS and Betamax in the 1970s and ’80s?

When wide adoption of a new consumer packaged-media format is at stake, format launches aren’t always smooth.

Blu-ray Disc is the latest example. It struggled out of the gate in 2006 while engaged in a fierce battle with HD DVD to become the high-def format of choice, a contest it won in 2008 when HD DVD conceded and manufacturers ceased production.

Industrywide agreement was key to the success of a 3D format launch, according to Andy Parsons, U.S. chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Assn.’s promotions committee and senior vp product planning at Pioneer Home Entertainment Group.

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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