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Art that goes beyond animation1 min read

2 January 2011 < 1 min read


Art that goes beyond animation1 min read

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When Zack Wood produces his illustrated stories online, his Japanese classmates say they look like American comics while his American friends say they look decidedly like manga, the popular form of comics that originated in Japan.

That is precisely the blend Wood, who grew up in the United States and is now studying at Kyoto Seika University’s manga program, is angling for.

Hidenori Ohyama, senior director of corporate strategy at Toei Animation, said it was possible that international students could end up at Japanese companies like his. “If they apply, take our tests and pass, they will become employees just like anyone else,” he said.

His company, a leading animation company that has produced “Dragonball” and “Slam Dunk” films, has Romanian and Korean producers, among other foreign citizens, Ohyama said.

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