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Director gets to heart of defectors’ struggle1 min read

1 January 2011 < 1 min read


Director gets to heart of defectors’ struggle1 min read

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Despite the increase in the number of North Korean defectors in South Korea, there are few films or television programs that show what their lives are like once they arrive.

So when “The Journals of Musan” – which tells the story of a North Korean defector’s escape and resettlement in South Korea – was screened at film festivals earlier this year, it caught the attention of critics, festival judges and the media.

But the subject matter was only part of the reason for the movie’s appeal. The other was the film’s director, Park Jung-bum, who has been named by many Korean critics as the best new director of the year.

After its debut, film critic Kim Young-jin praised Park as the person who will sustain the nation’s film industry for the next decade, and Taiwanese actress Yang Kuei Mei, one of the judges at this year’s Pusan International Film Festival, said that “The Journals of Musan” was so powerful that it lingered in her mind long after she had seen it.

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