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RPG Maker’s Wife Challenged Japan Nudity Censorship

23 December 2010


RPG Maker’s Wife Challenged Japan Nudity Censorship

In the West, Shigesato Itoi is best known for the Earthbound series of role-playing games.

He might challenge game conventions, but his wife Kanako Higuchi challenged Japanese censorship more, changing it forever.

Two years before this Renaissance Man married actress Kanako Higuchi, she released a controversial photobook that showed her pubic hair – an act that stood up to a century old censorship laws

n 1907, Japanese censorship law stated anyone who sold, displayed or distributed “obscene material” would be subjected to a fine and prison time. The law did not specify define what “obscene” was, but especially in the years after World War II, it came to be interpreted as pubic hair.

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