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They helped, therefore “˜I am’1 min read

20 December 2010 < 1 min read


They helped, therefore “˜I am’1 min read

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After we spend years meticulously brushing many a thing under the proverbial carpet, along comes someone like Onir to lift it up, and point them out.

The director, whose first film was the internationally-acclaimed “My Brother”¦ Nikhil”, is awaiting the release of his “I Am”.

For “I Am” is one of the first crowd-sourced films in India, and made with the contributions of more than 400 people. It wasn’t just monetary help – some brought lunch for the crew for a day, others offered their vehicles, some others designed sets and assisted with the costumes.

“Why are we as a society so threatened by a simple act of love?” he asks. “Lovemaking is “˜dirty’, but rape and brutal murders are fine. All manner of regressive, violent films get a U certificate; but one kiss and you get an A. What are we telling our children? That it’s better to kill than to kiss?”

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