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Seediq Bale sets Sep 2011 campaign1 min read

14 December 2010 < 1 min read


Seediq Bale sets Sep 2011 campaign1 min read

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Wei Te-sheng’s aborigine epic Seediq Bale will open in Taiwan next September in two parts. The first, subtitled “Flags of the Sun”, on 9 Sep 2011; the second, subtitled “Rainbow Bridge”, on 30 Sep 2011.

CMC Entertainment has picked up local rights to the two-part movie from director Wei’s company, ARS Film Production.

Set in the 1930s, the NT$600 million ($20 million) epic is about the Sediq tribe’s brave uprising against Japanese soldiers during their occupation of Taiwan. Part one will likely cover the uprising in which 215 soldiers were slaughtered; part two, the brutal retaliation.

The film stars local actors Vivian Hsu, Mark Ma and Landy Wen and a cast of 15,000 extras. The difficult seven-month shoot by a 400-member crew in mountainous areas of northern and eastern Taiwan concluded in September.

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