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Pioneers emerge in honoring film rights on Web

14 December 2010


Pioneers emerge in honoring film rights on Web

When a new movie reaches cinemas, audiences in China have two choices – they can see it there or wait for the film to become available on the Internet.

Many video websites in China skirt copyrights by showing pirated versions of recent films.

In 2009, the Chinese movie The Founding of a Republic grossed about 420 million yuan ($63 million) at the box office, but its copyrighted sales to DVD distributors generated only a few million yuan, less than 1 percent of its box office revenue.

Yet this is considered the best result in DVD copyrighted sales to date in China, Feng said. However, in Hollywood, sales of the DVD copyright accounted for more than 45 percent of the total revenue of a movie in 2006, he added.

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via People’s Daily Online

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