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FB Status: Need money for my film1 min read

12 December 2010 < 1 min read


FB Status: Need money for my film1 min read

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A wave of indie filmmakers are rewriting the rules of film financing by taking the film to the audience even before the first take.

In June 2009, Onir of Anticlock Films, tired of being rejected by corporate financers, decided to go on Facebook to seek finances for their latest film I Am.

The money didn’t stop rolling thereafter and Aniticlock actually managed to raise Rs 1 crore, a third of the film’s Rs 3 crore budget, through social networking-Facebook, Twitter and their own website.

Young filmmakers like Onir and Q realise the dichotomy where a company is ready to back a Rs 100-crore project, and fail, than invest in a Rs 3-crore project with no stars and recover the costs.

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via The Economic Times

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