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Asia’s cinemas reach world class1 min read

9 December 2010 < 1 min read


Asia’s cinemas reach world class1 min read

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Recent huge installation of digital and 3-D equipment, combined with aggressive cinema openings has meant that Asia’s cinema exhibition facilities have reached world standard.

That seems to be an recurring message emerging from the three-day CineAsia convention in Hong Kong.

Asia now has some 6,000 digitally equipped screens according to Bill Mead, consultant and publisher of DCinema Today. The US has some 12,000 and Europe roughly 7,000. “All Asia-Pacific countries are on the move,” he said.

Worldwide, some 70% of digital screens are 3-D capable. And in revenue terms digital and 3-D now account for over 70% or box office revenues, Mead suggested.

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