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Singapore gets animated1 min read

8 December 2010 < 1 min read


Singapore gets animated1 min read

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Singapore is fast developing into an animation hub and it is in keeping with the vision of the island city-state’s government to turn it into a “global digital studio”.

MNCs like Lucasfilm Animation, Double Negative, Ubisoft, a major game company, Koei, Southern Star etc have set up their production studios in Singapore.

Dinosaur Train: Series and Site Credits co-produced by Sparky Animations

“At present the size of Singapore’s animation market is small. Productions done here are mainly for the international market/clients,” says Ahmad Al-Mahir Bin Abu Bakar, course manager-cum-senior lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic, where students can enroll for a diploma in animation just after completing their school (Class X) education.

In an exclusive interview, Jean-Marc Gauthier, chair of animation and digital arts, and associate arts professor, New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia, Singapore, talks about the prospects of animation studies in Singapore in general and at TischAsia in particular.

Read the full interview here >>

via Hindustan Times

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