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How Funny has last laugh at JIFFest1 min read

6 December 2010 < 1 min read


How Funny has last laugh at JIFFest1 min read

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Deddy Mizwar’s How Funny (Our Country Is) has been awarded Best Indonesian Feature at the 12th Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest, 25 Nov – 5 Dec 2010).

The Indonesian Feature Film Competition is the centrepiece of the festival, which concluded last night.

The jury consisted of Singapore-based producer and professor Gabrielle Kelly, Vietnamese producer Nguyen Thi Bao Mai and South Korean festival programmer Jo Ji-hoon.

Mizwar’s winning comedy is about an unemployed graduate who plots to change the lives of a gang of child pickpockets whilst earning himself a 10% commission on their illicit earnings. The film is Indonesia’s official submission in the Academy Awards’ foreign language category.

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