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Move to curb piracy of films and songs1 min read

1 December 2010 < 1 min read


Move to curb piracy of films and songs1 min read

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The appointment of Rakan Bestari (smart partners) from among art and film industry players in Sabah is aimed at curbing piracy of local films, movies and songs.

Secretary of the Film Censorship Control and Enforcement Division under the Home Affairs Ministry, Tanasengran Sinnathambi, said Rakan Bestari are informants of piracy activities to the relevant authorities.

Tanasengran said the Rakan Bestari will educate their friends, relatives and public on the negative impact of piracy on the film and songs industry.

On a claim that Sabah film industry players are treated different from those in the peninsula, Tanasengran said the government has established the 1Malaysia concept to ensure problems by all irrespective of their gender, ethnic group, state, race and religious groups are addressed and given the same treatment.

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