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Horror film “Cold Fish” premieres at Tokyo Filmex1 min read

29 November 2010 < 1 min read


Horror film “Cold Fish” premieres at Tokyo Filmex1 min read

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Sion Sono’s latest horror film “Cold Fish” is a completely different direction from his last pic “Love Exposure.”

The grotesque, sometimes humorous, often farcical movie, is based on an actual killing spree committed by a dog kennel owner in the 1980s.

Cold Fish trailer (Japanese with English subtitles)

“I also wanted to depict a sense of total hopelessness, which I feel is lacking in Japanese films,” he said.

Sono said that the humorous aspects were due to comedy being inherent in tragedy. “I wasn’t intending to make people laugh,” he said. “But when you read crime files there are extreme situations whereby the interviews with people can be very funny. So I tried to be true to fact when I wrote the script. That’s how the laughter came into it.”

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