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BR Chopra was Nostradamus of Indian film industry

29 November 2010


BR Chopra was Nostradamus of Indian film industry

BR Chopra dwelt on issues like capital punishment long before there was a debate on it and even made a song-less film at a time when movies without songs were unwanted.

Vinay Vairale, 45, who currently works with the Films Division of India (FDI), said Chopra’s films knocked on the doors of greatness not because of their commercial success but because they were predictive visual documents of the time to come.

“Through his film Kanoon, Chopra sahab dealt with capital punishment way back in 1961, years before the issue became a subject of mainstream debate and discussion with rights groups,” Vairale told IANS in an interview.

“Kanoon was Hindi cinema’s first song-less film. It was made in 1961. The year is significant because that year had films which are known most for their songs like Ganga Jamuna, Junglee, Jab Pyaar kisi se hota hai, Hum Dono, and many more,” Vairale said.

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