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Movies shrinks from social activity to isolation1 min read

22 November 2010 < 1 min read


Movies shrinks from social activity to isolation1 min read

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Mr Bajpai, a jet-setting Delhi-based communication and content consultant who consumes the majority of his cinema on the move, is a proud owner of an iPod Touch.

He belongs to a new breed of movie watchers who like their cinema personalised, isolated and customised – on laptops, iPods and other devious little portable gadgets.

“I don’t like listening to people’s comments in a movie hall. There’s a certain forced ambience in a theatre that irritates me. If people find a scene funny and I don’t, I hate to listen to their sounds of laughter,” said the Chennai-based, Rakesh Rawat.

However, film expert Gautam Kaul thinks otherwise. “You sit in isolation, you experience films but don’t share your emotional notes with anybody. Cinema, in this form, is not able to give you any emotional nourishment. This ruins the original gregarious nature of individuals and leads to a change in human character. You become neurotic.”

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