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Indie film fest casts critical look at Korean society1 min read

22 November 2010 < 1 min read


Indie film fest casts critical look at Korean society1 min read

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The 36th Seoul Independent Film Festival, hosted by the Association of Korea Independent Film & Video, will run from Dec. 9-17.

A competition film festival, SIFF features 44 domestic independent films that have been selected from 631 submissions.

Many of the selected films this year feature a shaded side of modern Korean society, such as the 2009 Yongsan tragedy, stories of problems with migrant workers, and young Koreans suffering due to high unemployment rates and a high-cost of education, the festival executive committee said.

Other notable feature films include Kim Gok and Kim Seon’s “Gas Mask,” (Bangdokmyeon) a piece about four characters surrounding a gas mask murderer which involves a politician who is hiding from him, a young, troubled girl who hopes to be killed by him, a super-hero wannabe who wants to capture him, and an American military officer whose Korean girl friend is murdered by him. Symbolizing politics in the murderer, the film spreads a message that no one can ever be free from the sets of ruling ideas dominating society.

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