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Production Talk – “Sisters” by Lincoln Chia & Michael Tay1 min read

20 November 2010 < 1 min read


Production Talk – “Sisters” by Lincoln Chia & Michael Tay1 min read

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It is customary that during a traditional chinese wedding, the bride usually hires a group of close friends to be her “sister” (bridemades) to come and tease the groom.

Melody Chow from SINdie interviewed Lincoln Chia on the production of his short film “Sisters”, which was inspired by a true life story.

“It (homosexuality theme) was partly inspired by my an incident that took place at my cousin’s wedding. The Justice of Peace (JP) who conducted the solemnization said “… marriage according to Singapore law is between a man and a woman… er.. are you a woman.. confirm ah.. must be real woman and man you know.. cannot be man and man… or woman and woman… (JP turns and looks at groom) …you confirm a man?””

“I must admit I felt a little uneasy and offended. It was this experience that got me interested in directing a screenplay about a homosexual person’s involvement in a heterosexual marriage.”

Read the full interview here >>

via SINdie

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