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Indian cinema proclaims its class and diversity1 min read

15 November 2010 < 1 min read


Indian cinema proclaims its class and diversity1 min read

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One of the less appreciated strengths of the Indian film industry is its diversity. That applies at industry and infrastructure level as well as what can be seen on screen.

So, while not all Indian cinema is Bollywood (and not all Bollywood is slushy melodrama), the world’s largest studio complex is in a part of the country where it serves a more local, but no less potent, brand of moviemaking.

Meanwhile back in the heart of Mumbai, beats a vibrant young film school which harbours truly global ambitions.

The studio complex in question is the gigantic Ramoji Film City base in Hyderabad, in the southern province of Andhra Pradesh. Spread over some 1,600 acres (160 hectares) it manages to be a working film production facility, theme park and hub for a media empire, while seemingly containing enough wilderness that further expansion seems possible.

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