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Digital rights management’s role in business explained

14 November 2010


Digital rights management’s role in business explained

Digital rights management (DRM) is fast becoming a normal security feature in a growing number of Far Eastern companies, says Jason Sohn, deputy general manager with Korean DRM specialist

Whilst enterprise DRM technology has been available for more than a decade, it is only in recent years that the security technology has started to take off.

Sohn then outlined the situation of a movie studio wanting to offer a part to one of two actors. If the first actor reads the script and turns the part down, but then sends the file on to his agent, the access rights to the script can be automatically revoked.

If the agent has attempted to read the file and is refused, the audit log from the DRM software will show the unauthorised accesses, right down to the time, date and IP address, from when the agent tried to access the script.

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