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Sinema Community Classifieds for the local film industry1 min read

8 November 2010 < 1 min read


Sinema Community Classifieds for the local film industry1 min read

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When it comes to gathering resources for a film project in Singapore, some of the more well-known websites include AADB, Launch and Alive Not Dead.

Imagine a website that combines all these resources into one Classifieds especially for the local film industry – and you get the Sinema Community Classifieds.

AADB is the connection between artistes and production companies, producers, directors and casting agents. LAUNCH calls itself the “Singapore’s premier networking event for the Film, TV and Media Industry” on its website, while Alive Not Dead aims to strengthen artist communities worldwide and to help connect these communities together.

Sinema believes that the community should be in charge of the film industry, and it does not belong solely to one person or organisation. On its community page, one can network with fellow producers, directors, actors, production designer, cinematographers, editors etc.

If you are looking for solutions to your production and equipment problems, consider posting an advertisement on the Classifieds page. Posting of ads are free until BETA period ends, and your free ad will be visible for 21 days.

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