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Ghosts from Singapore loom over Paris audience

8 November 2010


Ghosts from Singapore loom over Paris audience

“I am more comfortable with numbers than words,” Roystan Tan told an audience at the Quai Branly in Paris where his film 881 was shown as part of the Singapour Festivarts.

The films shown over the Halloween-All Saints weekend all related to ghosts

“My producer forced me to add the word Lotus to 12 Lotus and I told him it wouldn’t work,” he added. “Well I was right, it wasn’t a great success.”

Speaking to RFI, Tan says that for him, “sound and image are equally important. In real life, my life is a musical. I like singing, so whenever I’m alone, I will imagine there will be music. In my i-pod I have six thousand different kinds of music that slide into my life in different stages.”

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