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Japanese Cinema Lull?1 min read

3 November 2010 < 1 min read


Japanese Cinema Lull?1 min read

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The Financial Times contemplated an ongoing debate surrounding Japan’s film industry-and its declining production levels and increasingly uncertain future.

The piece notes the increasing prominence of Korean and Chinese cinema internationally, while Japanese exports are lagging further behind.

Meanwhile, complaints abound from independent Japanese filmmakers’ about a lack of funding and support in the face of “˜a domestic industry dominated by a handful of mega-studios and distribution companies.’

Indeed, the influence of its animation continues to be felt in ways that many Western audiences may not even be aware of. “˜At Pixar, when we have a problem and we can’t seem to solve it, we often take a laser disc of one of Mr. Miyazaki’s films and look at a scene in our screening room for a shot of inspiration’, Lasseter once said.

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