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Asian-American film fest features Tibetan culture

3 November 2010


Asian-American film fest features Tibetan culture

The seventh annual Asian Film Festival begins its five-day run Tuesday with the documentary film, “Unmistaken Child,” directed by Nati Baratz.

The film festival’s theme this year is “Visualizing Tibet.” All of the films in the fest showcase films about Tibet.

What I really wanted was different points of view,” Nancy Jervis, program director of the Asian Media Service, said. “The Chinese directors have been making films about Tibet for many years. So I wanted to find some Chinese films. I wanted to find American documentaries or films. I wanted to find films by Tibetans. So we have all of that represented.”

Along with showing one relatively mainstream Hollywood film production, Jarvis decided to keep two of the films made by Tibetan filmmakers, as well as a film made by one of the organizers of the Tibetan Harlem Film Fest.

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