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US: Smarter money moves into the market1 min read

2 November 2010 < 1 min read


US: Smarter money moves into the market1 min read

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The independent film business is still a viable option for high net worth individuals and equity players.

Lower budgets, higher-quality scripts that attract stars who will work for a lower quote, and savvy project-picking mark the new money’s more sophisticated take on making movies.

“We thought we were going to do very large films,” says Giovanni Agnelli, “but after a good experience on the ‘Rileys,’ we’ve changed our slate quite a bit to incorporate more films like that. Maybe there is a way not to do just big fun movies but find that right balance, where can you make a quality artistic film that has commercial appeal.”

“We’re going to be honest with ourselves,” adds Mimran Schur. “We want to make great films, but we’re not trying to make ‘adult dramas.’ They need to be movies that people want to see.”

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