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MAMI: Indie cinema, wherefore art thou?1 min read

2 November 2010 < 1 min read


MAMI: Indie cinema, wherefore art thou?1 min read

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At a forum during the 12th Mumbai Film Festival, an eminent panel of directors and producers discussed independent cinema’s course.

Sunil Doshi though that filmmakers should figure out a way to make independent films reach people instead of having people come to them.

Aamir Bashir lamented the lack of mainstream interest in good content, “If you can sell crap to a billion people, I am sure you can sell half decent cinema that does not look down upon anyone to the same people.”

“There are companies that have sold everything on earth, but have failed when it comes to cinema,” said an audience. The obvious suggestion was that they look at good, independent cinema if they have to lose money anyways.

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via Mumbai Mirror

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