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Shabana Azmi: The Face of Indian Independent Cinema

31 October 2010


Shabana Azmi: The Face of Indian Independent Cinema

Shabana Azmi is a brilliant and powerful actress sustaining India’s so-called parallel as well as mainstream cinema.

She has starred in over sixty movies and served in the Upper House of the Indian Parliament for six years independently, and as the UN Good Will Ambassador for India.

She explained how, after playing a woman in a difficult marriage in the movie Arth who stood up to her husband (unheard of in that time), and while researching a part as a woman from a poor village for Parth, she became interested in creating justice and social equity in India, especially for minorities

Because Azmi placed significant emphasis on “˜meaningful cinema’, Dr. Snell asked her if she implied that “˜meaningless cinema’ exists. While “˜meaningful cinema’ raises the realistic bar, the latter is widely accepted and often becomes successful.

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