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New York’s Documentary Festival1 min read

29 October 2010 < 1 min read


New York’s Documentary Festival1 min read

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DOC NYC is a new festival celebrating documentary storytelling in film, photography, prose and other media.

For the past five years, the team behind DOC NYC has been building a community around the weekly documentary film series Stranger than Fiction at the IFC Centre.

Some of the notable documentaries include A Brief History of Time, which examines the life and work of Stephen Hawking, the physicist who has spent much of his life in a wheelchair, yet managed feats of the intellect often compared to Einstein’s.

The Viewfinders competition section celebrates both established and emerging filmmakers who bring a distinct directorial voice to their work. Films include Five Weddings and a Felony, where Director Josh Freed turns a Flip camera on his own relationships for a contemporary and comic look at the travails of romance.

Check out the full list of film screenings >>


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