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Vicki Zhao: “I am fated to be an actress”1 min read

28 October 2010 < 1 min read


Vicki Zhao: “I am fated to be an actress”1 min read

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Decked out in a figure-hugging orange bandage dress, Chinese actress Vicki Zhao was interviewed at the Mary Chia’s press event earlier this month.

“Singapore has the funding and can probably afford inviting the best directors to shoot something. I hope there is a good movie for me to work on [in Singapore],” said Zhao, adding that she would jump at the chance if the material is suitable.

But if Zhao had stuck with her career plan, she would have become a teacher instead of the dazzling star she is today, albeit a distractingly good-looking teacher.

“I trained to be a teacher before, though I really hated to be a teacher. It is so boring!” the 34-year-old blurted, when I caught up with her in a spacious hotel suite after the press event

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